Building Your Travel Business Together

Nexion Travel Group is the nation’s leading host agency. We welcome independent, Canadian-based advisors of all experience levels, including those who are new to the industry, seasoned professionals, advisors working with a team and corporate travel sellers.


We are in business to help you prosper as an independent advisor and to accelerate your success. We enable you to operate more efficiently and profitably by reducing costs and increasing revenues.


Through strong partnerships with Travel Leaders Group, Travel Leaders Network and Nexion Travel Group in the U.S., we provide the most effective tools, programs and support in today’s travel arena.

  • Earn up to 85% of commissions—your choice!
  • Work more efficiently using our trusted technology tools
  • Earn top-tier commissions from leading air, cruise and land suppliers
  • Access our exclusive booking engine or your choice of GDS systems
  • Build your career through education, coaching and networking opportunities
  • Grow your business with proven marketing programs
  • Capture more sales with exclusive cruise block space and supplier offers






Our technology tools are designed specifically for independent advisors, making it easier for you to manage your business, market your value to clients and complete the booking quickly.


Nexion Travel Group helps you develop your skills and increase your knowledge with comprehensive training, conferences and Boot Camps. You work independently, but you are never alone.


The travel industry is built on relationships. With Nexion Travel Group, you’ll expand and strengthen your network of industry supporters, giving you the connections you need to sell travel better.


You work hard to make the sale, and that hard work should be recognized. With Nexion Travel Group, it is. Thanks to the size and strength of our industry partners, you earn the commissions you deserve.

Discover The Many Advantages We Can Provide Your Travel Business!