Private Driver Vacations for Ireland, Britain and Iceland

Picture yourself riding a gentle Icelandic horse amid the magnificence of the island’s rugged landscapes. Or discovering Scottish history by traveling into the Highlands and visiting its finest castles. Or speaking with artisanal and traditional food producers as you sample the cheese, chocolate, and bread at a centuries-old Irish market. And perhaps at the end of an exciting day, relaxing by the fire in a pub, listening to traditional music and chatting with locals.

Imagine doing all that without giving a thought to the planning or the logistics or the execution – all the details of your custom private driver vacation taken care of for you by the experts at CIE Tours, your private driver experts for Ireland, Britain, and Iceland. When you choose a custom private driver trip with CIE Tours, their dedicated experts will design a custom itinerary to match your interests and dreams, and give you the right driver to make it all happen.

You’ll be free to relax – from the planning process to the moment your driver/guide drops you at the airport at the end of your extraordinary trip.

The expertise of your private driver/guide gives you extra access: you can hit the most popular sights before the crowds, get the best dining tips, and never miss a hidden gem along the way. If your mood (or the weather) changes, your driver is ready to adapt your itinerary on the fly. CIE’s drivers are experts who will enhance your trip – and make it truly unforgettable – by sharing their knowledge of your destination’s history and all the local lore. Whatever you’re looking for – an educational experience, a fun and lively outing, or an action-packed family adventure – we’ve got the private driver for you.

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CIE Tours can accommodate anything you dream of – and even things you may not have thought of yet. If you are passionate about seeing or doing something, CIE Tours can make it happen.

We will plan all the details for you – from adventures like night kayaking on West Cork’s bioluminescent secret marine lake to a cooking lesson in a local chef’s thatched roof cottage in Ireland to hunting for the Northern Lights in Iceland to playing golf at Scotland’s St. Andrew’s golf course.

In destination, CIE’s private drivers have done everything from sourcing magical spots for marriage proposals, chatting up locals at a pub to connect travelers with their Irish relations, finding beaches where kids can run and play, making an unexpected pit stop for ice cream, and helping a family member with mobility issues.  Your private driver has you covered.

Did you know…


Private Driver travel is an excellent option for multi-generational families.

Your vacation should be a blissful break – a relief from the planning, decision-making, and stress of daily living. When you have the expert guidance of our knowledgeable driver/guides, you are free to relax and enjoy your loved ones.

The more travelers in your party, the lower your price per person becomes. With at least six travelers, a custom private driver trip is around the same price as a standard guided tour – with all the perks of having your own driver/guide to make the trip 100% your own.